Microscope 90X Optical Zoom Magnifier Magnification LED UV Light Detect Money With Sucker Clip For Mobile Phone

wordmark, i2c dac

Dimmer Ac

100 ac. Microscope wifi20m/200m/20a. I2c eeprom. 138*68*30mm. Digital capacitance meter. Zk585200. 0 - 99%rh. Light stand cMeasure the temperature of the baby's bath more etc.. Temperature data logger. -50 ~ 330c (-58~626f). Magnifier video. Op amp. Wholesale ac dc 12v7a. Mirror digital clock. An8008 true-rms digital multimeter. Light microscope. 

Lamp Desk &dimmer

Humidity display resolution: Measuring accuracy:Dc voltage accuracy: 56679Temperature measuring range: Lead probe hook. Thermometer wood. Shina. Thermal conductivity adhesive tape. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60mohm. 155mm*60mm*33.5mm. 9v dry cell ( not included ). Ms8212a. Usb interface: 

Multimeter Automatic

Temperature measuring instrument. Pressure range: Alice. D3151_15. Vc4105aMaterial: :400/4k/40k/400k/4m ohm  +/-1.2%+2, 40mohm  +/-2.0%+5. Capacitor farad. Type7: Richmeters. Battery clock alarm. White -black. Vc6243+. Snap shot: Max measuring range: Test clips. Wholesale relay ssr. Timer sound. 600ω/6kω/60kω/600kω/6mω/60mω. 200mv/2/20/200/500v ±. 

Pcb Amp

Svbony. 500msec. 200ua/2ma/20ma/200ma. Switch: :1/4" (1/2" long). Aligator clip. Aluminum. Zt301   zt302. Humidity meter. Relative value: Voltmeter tester / diagnostic-tool. Multimeter probe test leads. Thermometer peakmeter. 400.0mv-600v. 

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Oh my god, I’ve just seen HIM live again on December 29th at Helldone MMXV. This was the second time I saw them and also the second time I went to Finland. Best show ever. Great setlist, we got Heartkiller (like one of my faves) and we finished by Rebel Yell! They were so great, smiling, chatting with the audience, Jukka is a very good drummer, loved his skills! I miss them so much already and I can’t wait to hear new stuff from them. 

Kiitos. ♥ (pics are all mine!)


Screamworks, my fave album ever

the year is 2096


ville valo is still eating microphones